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Covid-19: we remain ready, willing and able to coach

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I hope you are well.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Rhetorica remains open, ready, willing and able to coach and train organisational spokespeople in the art of effective public communication.

Because of COVID-safety lockdowns, travel restrictions and other workplace changes, we are temporarily not as able to offer the usual range of face-to-face programs. He can however deliver effective coaching online, with some modification.

Send me a note, if you need to get in touch: <<myfirstname at my business URL>>.

Kind regards and best wishes


Engage your audience

Rhetorica is an expert advisory service specialising in helping clients perform and communicate at their best.

Rhetorica’s clients rank among the world’s best-established and leading companies in sectors such as financial services, technology, diversified chemicals, engineering, advertising, communications and the media.

A testament to the company’s specialist quality is its experience in training and consulting to the media and other professional communication organisations. Rhetorica also serves politicians, academia, education institutions, peak bodies and the social sector.

"Antoni is an excellent media, speech and presentation skills trainer. 
I confidently recommend his services."Sarah Smith, Communications & PR Director
The Sydney Morning Herald & The Sun-Herald Fairfax Media

Have to congratulate you on a powerful breakfast presentation this 
You really brought new insight into an area that's often
The attached feedback forms say the same thing - EXCELLENT. 
Look forward to working with you again."


Julian Kenny, National Education Officer
Public Relations Institute of
"Antoni’s ability to produce the best from the team and to provide an 
atmosphere conducive to learning and improving media skills is outstanding." 
    Andy Ridley, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Earth Hour Global


Core disciplines


  • Issue and crisis communication planning, review, training and testing
  • Communication and perception audit, review and recommendation
  • Organisational narrative development
  • Problem solving
  • Issue review and reporting


  • Media training
  • Presentation skills
  • Keynote preparation
  • Speech review
  • Writing
  • Business planning facilitation
  • Problem solving facilitation

Writing and Editing

  • Tenders, bids, proposals, grants
  • Case studies
  • Web copy
  • Position statements
  • Newsletter development, planning, copy writing
  • Opinion pieces
  • News releases
  • Expert commentary
  • White papers
  • Interviews

Founder and managing director, Antoni Lee is an award-winning writer, an entertaining and informative speaker, and consultant-trainer with 20 years professional experience in government, corporations and consulting.

According to clients in the media, politics and business, Antoni is one of Australia’s best communication trainers.

Rhetorica’s team of expert affiliated journalists, presenters, consultants, trainers and performers love communication, are client focused and enjoy working together.

Typical client goals

  • To increase the personal confidence of presenters, speakers and communicators leading into series of media interviews, roadshows, town-hall style meetings, staff and supplier events
  • To alter public opinion relating to a core issue or series of issues
  • To improve general management and leadership communication skills
  • To help prepare an organisation’s spokespeople, in the event of a serious public issue or crisis
  • To strengthen staff ability to present, listen and negotiate in high-stakes situations, for example, in staff-management reviews, in bid team presentations and in making presentations to prospects, clients and regulators
  • To equip leaders, managers and other communicators to inspire, allay concern, educate, clarify, influence, persuade, sell, gain favour  – and more – with their audiences.

Qualities of Effective Communication Trainers|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6ixs8uI7gw

Typical Organisation Results

Manage risk
Protect reputation
Increase profile
Build brand awareness
Gain favour and support for initiatives
Sell more
Improved esprit d’corps

Typical Participant Results

Nerve management skills
More effective self expression
Enhanced voice
Communication focus
Professional presentation
Added warmth
Effective release of personality
Understanding context (e.g. audience dynamics, how the media work)
Message (content) refinement

Please contact us at your convenience, in confidence, with no obligation.