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Let’s get metaphysical

Let’s get metaphysical.

Then Plato said to Aristotle, "Let's get metaphysical."

Then Plato said to Aristotle, “Let’s get metaphysical.”

Aristotle called metaphysics the ‘queen of the sciences.’

Some people like to do it often. Others prefer annual check-ups. Regardless, a personal or corporate metaphysical is sometimes the only way to personal, relationship and group progress.

Put simply, metaphysics relates to being and knowing. It’s reviewing beliefs, identity, ideals, desires and sense of meaning. In corporate settings, it’s understanding purpose, values, direction and vision, not what the website says, but what really is.

Metaphysics is more than facts and opinions. It coalesces into narratives inside us, casting ourselves and others in roles we play. Changing scripts can be hard and take time.

Strategy and planning are not metaphysical per se, though they flow deeply from metaphysical rumination.

Apple seems a curious case in point. I used to know their vision and values and why I wanted their products. Today, I’m less sure. Their 38% gross margin goal shouts loudly. And Virgin Galactic’s recent accident raises big metaphysical questions for its management. Their answers will affect public support and that company’s future.

In the graphic below, put what you like in the outer layers; what’s key is in the core: in the metaphysics.

When you get metaphysical, remember what Dwight Eisenhower apparently said: “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” Enjoy the journey, the discussion and the process.

Let me know if you’d like more info about a Personal or Corporate Metaphysical.

Thanks for reading and best wishes until next time.