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Your organisation’s leadership position relies on engaging, relevant and meaningful public communication.

The World in 2011
Thirty Pages of Insights, summarised from The Economist

Why Leaders Fail
Leaders fail to communicate well for lots of reasons. Here are three structural ways to make improvement.

Media Storm Dynamics
Solid foundational advice about how the media get involved and interested in a crisis. Published in Marketing Magazine.

Media Skills
Published in a national accountancy journal. Includes Seven Tips to help you prepare for media interviews.

Look Who’s Talking
Published in HR Monthly. Advice for potential media spokespeople.

Myths In Public Communication
Communication myths are many. We debunk some here.

Excerpt: Legitimate Reasons NOT to Answer Journalists’ Questions
No-one takes you seriously if they think you avoid their issues, but there are several valid reasons for spokespeople not to answer certain questions.

From The Media, The Spokesperson & The Message, an in-depth guide to performing successfully as a public communicator. Brilliant strategy and using the right media are not enough. Neither is great content. The world loves great communicators.

This book looks beyond the domains of business and media, to draw on insight from across the communication spectrum, including psychology, linguistics, cognitive science and the literary and performing arts. Here are tools and tips beginners can use and experts will continue developing over a lifetime.

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Preparing for Training

Training Goals
What are typical training goals? What can communication training achieve?

Training Brief
Key points to help you quickly and easily outline your training needs.

Audio-Visual Checklist
Make sure your training or speaking session is professional and effective.