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Simple and effective communication tips


Rhetorica teams with VideoLinc and GeekSEO to provide online video development, production, distribution and reporting.

The super-short VideoBlogs below contain simple but powerful tips and techniques to help you plan, present, produce and deliver effective online videos.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your organisation communicate using online video, contact antoni[at]rhetorica.com.au or markt[at]videolinc.com.au.

How to craft messages that connect with your audience

Tips for effective message structure

How to get your messages to fly

Where to look during an on-camera interview

The best place for your video to be seen

How to get your videos working for you

Why online video production budgets are increasing

How online video can support issue management

How to use video reporting to improve results

At The Desk

Interview Series: Antoni Lee interviews Communication Experts

Please Note: Audio-video syncing and frame-rates vary due to peer-to-peer connection variables. 

Mark Thorn How to put your video where it supports your business goals

Mark Thorn Use video reporting to improve results

Mark Thorn Consider the power of video for issue management

Thanks to Mike and Pam at Image Media Services for use of the studio; and to Adrian Lee for music, titles, camera and production.