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Keynote speaking

What others say

"Brilliant presentation. There was a great deal of conversation
 around the room after it."
Helen Robinett, Director, Image Quest

"Antoni provided many useful tips about handling the media that
 were appreciated by novices and experienced media performers alike."
Margaret Conley, CEO, Australian Veterinary Association

"We just loved your energy level...wow. How do you do that?
 Is there a secret?"
"Learned how to use media opportunities more
 effectively. Excellent speaker - great choice for the afternoon!!"
"Understood how to approach the media. It was all valuable.
Wish I had done this before a TV interview." 


What Antoni speaks about

Why bore your conference audience when you can have a keynote speaker with substance AND style?

Antoni is an experienced communication adviser and professional keynote speaker. His performance style is fresh, energetic, practical, intelligent and frankly, different. Antoni is an ideal keynote speaker for any session with a focus on communication or presentation.

Antoni presents practical communication expertise in an inspiring format that will not disappoint. His keynote speech subject matter includes:

1. BiteFest: how to be quoted in the media, what makes communication memorable and effective

2. How to capture imagination

3. The power of words

4. Bringing YOU to your presentation

5. Effective leadership communication

6. Managing your nerves

7. Secrets to communicating through the media

8. Messages that fly

9. Communicating to influence, persuade, sell and win favour

10. Issue and crisis communication

If you want to keep your audience awake and engaged and get results, choose Antoni as your next keynote speaker!

Antoni is the perfect choice as your next:

* motivational keynote speaker
* conference keynote speaker
* inspirational keynote speaker
* leadership keynote speaker
* corporate keynote speaker
* communication keynote speaker
* professional keynote speaker