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Writing historical fiction for key Sydney location

200 George Street, Sydney

200 George Street’s wood and glass facade. The building will become EY and Mirvac’s new Sydney headquarters.


If you live or work in Sydney’s CBD, you may have noticed an impressive new office tower going up at 200 George Street.

While the building is innovative, the site itself is historically rich and significant to New South Wales.

Late last year I received a commission from Mirvac to write a series of short historical fictions, starting with the site’s early-colonial history.

That history includes the beginnings of European settlement at Sydney Cove (aka Warrane), our nation’s biggest ever bank robbery (in comparative terms), convicts, entrepreneurs, Rum Rebellion connections, Australia’s newspaper origins, fires and deaths, opium and gambling dens and race riots.

My stories are now in final draft stages and will be made available on-site, in readable and audio formats in due course, as part of the building’s heritage commitments.

There’s a lot more I’d like to tell you about this creative project, but for now, I’ll wish you well until next time.

Topping-off Ceremony

The topping-off ceremony held earlier this month, celebrating completion of the main structural works for 200 George Street, Sydney.